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Dr. Khanna’s Returning Youth Initiative

Restoring Lives - Returning Dreams


Our mission is to provide post-incarcerated young adults with a supportive community to ensure a smooth integration back into society.  We furnish them with the building blocks and support necessary to become self-sustaining individuals.


Dr. Khanna’s Returning Youth Initiative was sparked by Dr. Surajit Khanna’s realization that young adults being released from prison have a high likelihood to reencounter law enforcement or commit suicide within the first 12 months.  Through Dr. Khanna’s research of the Juveniler Justice Reformation Act of 1974 (reauthorized in 2018), he determined the Act had been grossly ineffective in rehabilitating those released from incarceration. Specifically, the Act did not provide for long-term post-incarceration support and rehabilitation.  Because of this, these young adults felt disrespected, deprived of compassion, and many still suffered from mental incarceration.  In effect, most of them saw no positive path forward for their lives after being released. The isolation experienced while confined continued after release from the physical prison.

Dr. Khanna knew something had to be done and he continues to fight every day to make a difference.

The Safe Haven Community Center model was created exclusively for post-incarcerated young adults to give them a judgment-free, supportive place to meet, socialize, learn, and partner with their community.

Home of Hope is a residential facility that provides post-incarcerated young adults with a safe and caring structured home environment that offers them the building blocks to create a successful independent life.

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