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The Returning Youth Initiative is looking for passionate like-minded people that share our drive to help change the lives of post-incarcerated young adults in your area. We are actively seeking volunteers who have the desire to get others involved, build new relationships, fundraise and create change in your community.

A variety of volunteer opportunities are available, which means that there is truly a way for everyone to get involved!

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  • Volunteer from Anywhere

    We understand that everyone has a unique set of skills and talents, and many are looking for the chance to share them. Returning Youth has countless ways for you to get involved, including virtually. If you are looking for an opportunity to get involved, with flexibility from your own home, these may be a great fit for you!

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  • Volunteer at a State or County Level

    We are looking for people ready and willing to start up and head a Returning Youth location in your area. You will pull a board together to expand and grow the Initiative. Responsibilities consist of managing, event planning and fundraising. Additional opportunities include; community activities, collaborations with local businesses or organizations to bring awareness to the Initiative, and establishment of a Safe Haven community center.

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  • Volunteer Mentor

    Many post-incarcerated young adults feel that they have very few people in their corner fighting for them. That means there is a huge need for mentorship with these individuals. This could be you! Can you share a life skill, social skill, technical skill? Have you demonstrated success in problem-solving, decision making, communication, and personal and financial responsibility? All of these are important skills that are necessary for a successful transition from prison to freedom. Many of these post incarcerated individuals were never taught these skills.

  • Donate

    As a nonprofit organization working with post-incarcerated young adults, Dr. Khanna’s Returning Youth Initiative relies on donations to make our services accessible to post-incarcerated young adults across our county.

  • The truth is that young adults released from prison struggle to find the necessary support to help them re-enter society. Dr. Surajit Khanna recognized that the current system did not properly provide for this group of post-incarcerated young adults. With a strong team of like-minded individuals, as well as strategic collaborations with individuals, businesses and organizations, Dr. Khanna has created a structure that addresses everything from housing, medical and psychological needs, educational training, life skills development, community engagement, mentoring, job placement assistance, and beyond, to assist in providing post-incarcerated young adults the necessary building blocks to create a self-sustaining life.

  • With your donation and help sharing our message, we can exceed our goal of a Million People – Million Dollars. Please consider giving a dollar or more and ask your friends, family, and co-workers to do the same.

  • Corporate Sponsorship

    Become a corporate sponsor and help us expand in your state. Pay all upfront or month.

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  • Become a National sponsor and help us continue to grow.  Pay all upfront or month.

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  • Fundraise with Us

    Do you have a talent and want to help us fundraise?  Reach out to us and let's talk.

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