Safe Haven

About safe Haven

What is Safe Haven 


  • Dr. Khanna’s Safe Haven Community Center was created so that post-incarcerated young adults would have a judgment-free, supportive place to meet, socialize, learn, and create a partnership with their community and us. 
  • Safe Haven is a low-cost, membership-based center developed for previously incarcerated 18-to-26-year old’s to gather and feel accepted.  Members are provided the opportunity to advance their life skills, participate in educational courses, attend motivational programs, receive job placement assistance and mentorship for growth in various areas.  If an individual cannot afford their membership fee, they will have the opportunity to earn it through volunteering within the initiative. 

Why Establish a Safe Haven? 


  • Provide post-incarcerated individuals with a place they would feel excepted
  • Work with them on career training and employment opportunities
  • Establish mentor programs to help build self-worth 
  • Develop community involvement and volunteering opportunities
  • Assist in the advancement of life skills, writing, technology use, and more

How to Run a Functional Safe Haven 


  • Reach out: present the initiative to local businesses, organizations, bail bondsmen, courthouses, police/ sheriff stations, clubs, churches, friends, family, 
  • Enroll post incarcerated young adults as members
  • Hold meetings to get to know the individual's needs and wants 
  • Get connected in the community- help volunteer with other organizations
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